Largo Town Center Metro. Photo by cmh0150 on Flickr.

MD cuts everything but the one project they should: Facing a shortfall in gas tax revenue due to people driving less, Maryland is cutting transportation projects across the board except for the ICC, which is “protected” under its financing agreement. With people trimming their driving, the ICC is exactly what Maryland no longer needs, while the Purple Line and Corridor Cities Transitway, which suffered cuts, become even more necessary. (Post)

PG’s existing towns already have centers: Imagine, DC critiques Prince George’s current pattern of building large, mostly-isolated “town centers” far from transit (as we discussed around Konterra). Metro stations and existing towns along MARC are the right places for development.

Respecting Reston’s residents: Community groups in Reston are concerned about development plans the county is preparing to guide future development in Reston. This article in the Connection quotes what sound like some typical anti arguments about density and traffic, but also others who sensibly want to minimize traffic by making the Dulles (RCIG) corridor more mixed-use. (Ben T.)

Herndon admits bicyclists are people too: Outraged cyclists complained when a Herndon councilmember proposed banning bike parking downtown, intended to repel day laborers. In response, Herndon’s mayor has created a pedestrian and bicycle committee and promised to improve bicycle conditions. (Via WashCycle)

Some buses only 50% on time: WMATA didn’t even have the capability to measure its bus on-time performance until now, and it has discovered what we all already knew: Metrobuses aren’t very reliable. Turns out they’re only on time about 75% of the time on average, with some routes performing down around 50%. (Post)