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Hi everyone! My name is George Kevin Jordan. I am excited to be joining the Greater Greater Washington team as an editor and correspondent. I’ll be covering two of our new “beats”: transportation urgency and equity, and the transformation of Tysons.

I moved to the District fairly recently (I live in Ward 7), and first started working for the AFRO. Their reporting and Greater Greater Washington’s has helped key me in on what DC residents are concened about. GGWash is an exciting venture to me not only because it covers urbanist issues so well, but also because it maintains optimism, passion, and emphasis on solutions.

What I will be working on:

I will be assisting the Managing Editor with the day-to-day functions of putting the blog out to the world. This includes:

  • Editing pieces that come to us.
  • Working with contributors to make sure the facts are right, but their voice is intact.
  • Helping to find new writers from across the area’s diverse spectrum.

As correspondent, I’m tasked with two beats: transportation urgency and equity, and the rapidly-changing Tysons area of Virgina. These are part of our new program where we’ve gotten funding to have coverage of some important areas, and these are two of them. (The others are Maryland/Baltimore and Virginia/Richmond. We’re currently looking for freelance correspondents to cover them.)

I want to know how easy or difficult is it to get around, and whether that journey is equitable for everyone. I’m looking for stories that can contextualize and illustrate an issue, or uncover something that needs to be fixed. Tysons is a burgeoning area with a wealth of urbanist topics I can’t wait to unpack.

A little about me:

I have never met a city I didn’t like, or that I didn’t want to live in. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and graduated with a degree in Mass Communications with a focus on Print Journalism (yep, that was a focus back then!) I moved to Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, back to New York, and now to DC. What can I say—I love cities.

I have been a writer ever since I started penning my own comic books in middle school. (Yes I was a comics nerd: Shoutout to the “The New Mutants.”) I also love start-ups and enjoyed working for a long list of entrepreneurial journalism sites like, and, as well as more well-known publications like Ebony and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Most recently I was a staff writer for the AFRO in DC, and I’ve also written about HIV/AIDS issues for

In my spare time I love to paint, and recently took a watercolor and drawing class at the Washington Studio School.

I am honored to be working with the team and the Greater Greater Washington community at large. If you have a tip, a grip, or just want to say “hey” you can do so by emailing me at

George Kevin Jordan is GGWash's Editor and Correspondent writing about urgency and equity in transportation in the Washington region and also the transformation of Tysons. He is a proud new-ish resident of Hillcrest in DC's Ward 7. He was born and raised in Milwaukee and has written for many publications, most recently the AFRO and about HIV/AIDS issues for