Photo by M.V. Jantzen on Flickr.

The great bike lane debate continues: Friday’s post on right hooks and Alice Swanson reignited the debate over bike lanes. Do they make cyclists safer (by giving them dedicated space) or less safe (by moving them next to traffic where turning cars can hit them)? Infosnack HQ found this thoughtful paper on the issue.

Inconvenient for you isn’t “dangerous”: The Post’s Dr. Gridlock sides with MoCo transportation engineers who narrowed Arcola Avenue (near Georgia and Unviersity), adding pedestrian refuges and bulb-outs. The changes make a dangerous intersection safer for pedestrians, but irritate some drivers that liked to go fast on the former shortcut.

Logan ANC hotheaded about Zipcar: Last Wednesday, the Logan Circle ANC voted to recommend removal of a Zipcar lot at 14th and Corcoran because Zipcar hadn’t landscaped it as promised and a Zipcar rep hadn’t yet shown up to discuss the issue. Later in the meeting, once the rep arrived and answered questions, the ANC withdrew the resolution. 14th and You is disappointed in the ANC for its hasty voting on this issue and on the racially-tinged single sales ban.

Evans illegally parked in crosswalk: Channel 9 has the story about Councilmember Evans’ car sitting in a crosswalk across from the Verizon Center during Saturday’s game. Via ANC2C02 Forum.