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A big truck almost killed another bicyclist at almost the exact same spot where Alice Swanson was recently killed. Here’s a dispatch from reader Matt:

This morning, around 11:15, I was on my way to the pharmacy on my bike. I was southbound on Connecticut, stopped at the light at R Street NW. I turned my head to the left to watch the ped countdown timers and saw, to my horror, a Sysco tractor trailer pass a cyclist (the biker was in the bike lane), and before the rear of the trailer had even passed her, the truck swung right onto Connecticut. Had the biker not slammed on the brakes, we would be having another memorial service tonight. This happened right in front of Alice’s ghost bike.

Who knows how many times a day this happens? Taking the lane is a good way for cyclists to increase safety in busy spots. Don’t be afraid to do it. Too bad MPD thus far seems uninterested in enforcing laws against dangerous driving.

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