Is this Columbia Heights bike rack telling us something? Photo by Mr. T in DC on Flickr.

Patrick Mara, challenging incumbent Carol Schwartz in the Republican primary for DC Council at-large, told WashCycle he’s more pro-bike than his opponent.

I do not own a car and understand the importance of more environmentally friendly transportation in the District. Cycling is a fun and practical form of transportation in an urban environment. As a Columbia Heights resident, I appreciate the bike lanes on 11th street (my home street). I would certainly advocate more bike-friendly policies and oppose the opening of Klingle road to autos. I am also keenly interested in the new SmartBike DC program. It has the potential to be a great success.

Schwartz was one of three Councilmembers to fight for roads over recreation on Klingle. During her tenure chairing the committee overseeing DDOT, she passed legislation to add a few more on-street parking spaces at the expense of any larger transportation vision.

I’m sure I disagree with Patrick Mara about a great many issues, but from what we know so far, on transportation he’d be an improvement over Carol Schwartz.