This article was posted as an April Fool's joke. But we really do hope you'll join the GGWash Neighborhood.

Have you seen someone on the street and wondered “is he into boys who like transit”? We all know that dating as an urbanist can be a real challenge. What if your new crush is against ADUs or thinks bus lanes take away too many parking spaces?

How can you meet someone who shares your love for long walks alongside missing-middle housing, protected bikeways, and local street-facing retail — and who’s not a scalie?

GGWash is proud to bring residents together to discuss, organize, and advocate for an inclusive, diverse, growing Washington, DC. And now we’re taking this to the next logical step of offering an exclusive dating platform.

For just $5/month, you can join Urbanist Mingle and get connected to other urbanist singles in the region. Just answer a few quick questions about your preferences and you’ll have a date to the next GGWash event in no time!

How will you get to your first date?
Drive alone and park illegally

What’s your dream Washington-area neighborhood?
Adams Morgan
Old Greenbelt
Navy Yard

What’s your favorite Metro station architectural style?
Alexandria Peak
Arch II
Gull I
Never ride Metro

What urbanist icon would you most like to wait at the bus stop with?
Majora Carter
Jane Jacobs
Janette Sadik-Khan
Donald Shoup
Sonja Trauss
Randal O’Toole


Not on the market? Can’t wait for tomorrow to come? On a serious note, we really hope you’ll join the GGWash Neighborhood to support our work and connect with other readers. You get to join our online discussion group, free tickets to panels, and more!

Plus, you just might meet your perfect match at a GGWash event—these two really did!

Jane Fiegen Green is the Development Director at Greater Greater Washington. With a PhD in history and a background in association management for a scholarly society of historians, she works to bring sustainable revenue streams to support GGWash’s news and advocacy. She lives in the Pentagon City neighborhood of Arlington with her husband and son.