2019 at the Q St Barbie Garden by Joe Flood licensed under Creative Commons.

Do you enjoy discussing how our region can create and strengthen walkable urban places? Do you want to speak up for urbanism in your neighborhood or push local leaders to do so? Do you value having Greater Greater Washington to read every day?

As Greater Greater Washington starts its 11th year, we are continuing to build a community of inquisitive and engaged urbanists throughout the region. Instead of our yearly reader drive, we’re aiming to add 250 readers to our membership program, the GGWash Neighborhood.

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You can make 2019 a great year for urbanism. When you join the GGWash Neighborhood, you not only provide crucial financial support for our journalism and advocacy, you also get new ways to connect with like-minded urbanists in the greater Washington region.

Your membership helps us pursue our priorities:

  • Pushing for amendments to the DC Comp Plan that support equitable growth
  • Identifying and supporting urbanist candidates in Virginia state elections
  • Ensuring faster, more reliable bus service throughout the region
  • Making more space to bike (and scoot) safely (and more bikes and scooters)
  • Holding elected leaders accountable for pledges to improve transit service and address affordable housing

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We need our community to chip in. We rely on you, our readers, to fund the daily costs of operating a nonprofit news site and advocacy organization. That includes paying Julie Strupp, our managing editor, for the incredible work she does to publish high-quality content every weekday. It also includes more mundane items, such as the server and our website developer.

GGWash offers you information you can’t get anywhere else. We are proud to be the home for wonky, data-driven news about the housing, transportation, land use, and urban policy decisions happening across the region. If you’ve read the site this year, we hope you’ll contribute something to keep it going.

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Won’t you be our Neighbor? We launched the membership program in October 2018 to provide a new way for readers to support our work, as well as give them new ways to connect. Now over 300 strong, we’re looking forward to growing the Neighborhood this month.

Why should you join (besides that you love GGWash and want to give us some money)?

  • All Neighbors get access to our online discussion through a special Google Group. This is your place to discuss a new report, ask a question, or share information about the changes you’re following in your neighborhood.
  • Neighbors also get free tickets to GGWash events, which bring industry leaders, government officials, and our readers together to discuss hot topics in urbanism.
  • For GGWash Advocates and Leaders, we’re also organizing periodic conference calls with GGWash contributors and staff.
  • Members at the higher levels get additional perks, like sneak peeks of blog content and participation in our Member Advisory Committee.
  • Adopt-a-tag returns for our GGWash Neighborhood Leaders, which is a great way to publicly display your commitment to GGWash’s content.

Join or donate today!

We look forward to closing our birthday fundraising drive with a party in early March, with details to come soon. All members and anyone who donates this month will get a ticket to join the celebration!

Bus image by Mike Maguire licensed under Creative Commons.
Comp plan image by David Whitehead, used with permission.
Muriel Bowser image by Andrew Trueblood, used with permission.

Jane Fiegen Green is the Development Director at Greater Greater Washington. With a PhD in history and a background in association management for a scholarly society of historians, she works to bring sustainable revenue streams to support GGWash’s news and advocacy. She lives in the Pentagon City neighborhood of Arlington with her husband and son.