Photo by BruceTurner on Flickr.

Farragut’s “invisible tunnel”: CommuterPageBlog asks why Metro can’t easily allow free out-of-system transfers between Farragut North and West, allowing people to exit at one and re-enter the other on a single fare instead of riding around to the crowded Metro Center. NYC has two of these.

Steal bait bike, get the switch: DC police have set out some unsecured “bait bikes” on Capitol Hill, ripe for a thief to steal and be immediately arrested. Examiner via WashCycle.

Only four towns in MoCo: Track Twenty-Nine finds it odd that almost everyone in eastern Montgomery County lives in “Silver Spring”, which spans ten ZIP codes, and almost all of the west side inside the Beltway is “Bethesda.” I remember growing up wondering why everyone I met from Maryland (at camp, etc.) was from Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Rockville, or Silver Spring.

Everyone else is bicycling: From London to Berlin, Taiwan to Tokyo, bicycling is more popular and safer than in the U.S. What are they doing that we’re not, asks the Post? Tip: Patrick.

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