Photo by ax2groin on Flickr.

Safety for their schools, not others: The Town of Chevy Chase is slowing traffic around one of its schools while, as ACT points out, advocating for a Purple Line bus alignment that would send rapid buses right past another school outside their limits.

Too HOT for MAMMA: A group calling itself MAMMA (Metro Area Mass Movement Association) is urging Virginians to contact their officials and ask to stop the HOT lanes. They argue that the environmental analysis was insufficient, it’s a bad deal (with the privacy companies only paying 17.5% of the costs) and just a bad idea. Unfortunately, it’s probably too late; just as with the ICC, state officials are too deeply invested politically in something for even high gas prices and the clear folly of new highway construction to stop.

One ICC supporter switches, but too late: Steve Eldridge, whose “Sprawl and Crawl” column leans slightly pro-sprawl in its quest to be anti-crawl, has decided (based on their duplicity around the ICC bike trail) that he doesn’t trust Maryland politicians anymore in their promises that the ICC would be good for the environment.

Parking magnate joins his demolished townhouses: L.B. Doggett, owner of DC’s first private parking company, former President of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, and a major city political player in the 1970s, has died. The Post writes, “he was a force in preventing the District from building municipally owned parking garages and challenging private firms,” but also “bought old rowhouses, which he rented as rooming houses before razing them for parking lots.” Via Richard Layman.

Avent on California: Ryan Avent cheers the California anti-sprawl bill I posted Saturday, but wishes cities would build walkability for its own sake, not just because it’s green. Still, we’ll take what we’ve got.