Taxation without party leaders knowing local issues. Image from DCVote.

National pols ignorant of DC politics: No surprise here: they’re DC superdelegates, but many don’t know the name of their City Council member. (I can forgive them for not knowing all the shadow Senators.) The Post popped them with a pop quiz and got many failing grades.

WP covers ICC bike trail fiasco: Washcycle and I have written about the absurdity of cutting a bike trail from the ICC for environmental reasons. But the environmental and recreational knife in the back is continuing, reports the Post. Tip: Jenny.

Candidate debate update: Carol Schwartz debates her Republican challenger, Patrick Mara, today on Kojo, and Roger Lewis will be talking about politics and zoning right after. Both should be interesting. The Ward 8 candidates were on the show Monday, though with such a crowded field there wasn’t enough time to really get a sense of the candidates.

Urbanism in the Philly suburbs: $4 gas is bringing change to western Chester County, Pennsylvania, mostly a land of sprawling bedroom suburbs and office parks. NPR profiles Uptown Worthington, with mixed-use residences above restaurants right near major corporate headquarters. And unlike, say, Konterra, it’s near one of Philly’s excellent commuter rail lines. Tip: Bianchi.