An office park in Reston. Photo by PiAir on Flickr.

EveryBlock launches in DC: You can now get a feed of publicly-accessible information (like crime reports, requests for service from DDOT, DPW, etc., new real estate listings, and more) around any address.

I’m not finding the default feed for my address that useful, because I don’t need to see everyone’s requests for trash pickup, don’t want to buy another house, and don’t care every time someone posts a review of Komi or Sushi Taro on Yelp, but I’m looking forward to playing with it more and figuring out which information I really want. (If only the requests for parking enforcement had more detail, now that would be really interesting).

Pepcomobiles? An entrepreneur is trying to remake the auto industry to be more like the cell phone industry, but with electric cars: a network of charging stations where selling power, not vehicles, is the business model. Via Ryan Avent.

SF to consolidate bus lines, add expresses: SF Muni released their Transit Effectiveness Project report, which will improve service on important bus lines and consolidate others. When there is a low-frequency bus on every street, nobody has a good option for where to wait. Will WMATA do the same?

Mixed-use Dulles corridor might be impossible: Most Reston development along the Dulles corridor is office-only, thanks to Fairfax County pressure, and it might be impossible to change it to allow mixed-use development around future Silver Line stations. A change requires 90% of landowners to agree. Tip: Ben T.

NYT op-eds on mobility: Ryan Avent (guest blogging for Ezra Klein) reviews a trio of op-eds in the New York Times about transportation, some okay, some terrible, but none considering the real solution to their problem: congestion pricing.