1999 Bombardier Talent Trainsets. Screen shot from GovDeals video.

If you're interested in buying some trains and have an extra $78,000 lying around, the City of Ottawa has the deal for you. This ad, posted on a government asset liquidation site called GovDeals, advertises “Lot of Three (3) 1999 Bombardier Talent Trainsets and Parts.”

1999 Bombardier Talent Trainsets. Screen shot from GovDeals video.

The trains for sale are diesel multiple units or DMUs, which are powered by engines that are incorporated into one or more of the train's carriages. The trains were pulled out of service in March 2015 but are supposedly still in working order.

Nonetheless, the ad contains this warning: “The assets sold under this contract are being sold ‘as is’ and are not represented as being mechanically sound or maintained at any guaranteed level of quality. The asset may not be fit for use and may require substantial repairs at the buyer’s expense.” It also notes that all the batteries on all of the trains need replacing due to corrosion.

Here's more information about the trains:

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