Image by Taytum Sanderbeck used with permission.

Are people still interested in local news? Judging by the turnout, discussion, and impressive guest list from the first #GGWashlive event on January 30th, the answer is a resounding “yes!” Couldn't make it? Want to relive it? Check out the recording of “Pressing on: Will local journalism in DC survive?” below.

The value of local journalism

Mark Ein, the new owner of Washington City Paper, kicked off the evening by talking about his decision to purchase the paper, noting that, “In many ways, journalists are saving our world right now.”

Mark Ein delivering the keynote.  Image by Taytum Sanderbeck used with permission.

Washingtonian Editor Michael Schaffer took the reins and guided the panel through an engaging, insightful, sometimes mildly contentious discussion.

Michael Schaffer, Christina Sturdivant, Jason Samenow, Rachel Sadon, Martine Powers, and Tom Sherwood. Image by Aimee Custis used with permission.

The panelists and audience members offered their thoughts on everything from sustainable revenue models for local media, to how to relay the complexities of relationships between long-time Washingtonians and newcomers and effectively cover the arc of a story, not just the outcome.

Alexa Mills, Rachel Sadon, and Martine Powers. Image by Aimee Custis used with permission.

People want to talk about the future of news

More than 100 people gathered in person at WeWork White House to engage with a panel of local journalists, reporters, and editors about the future of local journalism in Washington. Many more joined the conversation online, making #futureofdcnews one of the top trending hashtags in DC and nationally (thanks SOTU)!

What should we #GGWash live about next?

For a decade (next Monday!) the site has been a space for people to come together online to learn about the policies, decisions, and other forces shaping Washington. Clearly there's an appetite for coming together in real life to continue the conversation.

What kinds of topics do you wish GGWash would tackle in future events? A few ideas we've been throwing around include:

  • Family sized-housing: What is it really and why do we need it?
  • Pros and cons of historic preservation in Washington
  • Bus priority: building a better bus system.

What are your ideas? Interested in partnering with GGWash on an event? Let us know.