Hirschorn Museum. Image by Ted Eytan licensed under Creative Commons.

Here are a few of our favorite recent images from the Greater and Lesser Washington Flickr pool. Thank you to our 726 photo contributors, who have contributed a whopping 23,554 photos since we launched the pool June 9th 2010!

US Capitol Rotunda. Image by Brandon Kopp used with permission.

You'll likely recognize the names of our top 5 contributors, 4 of whom have submitted over 1000 photos to the pool!

  1. Erin - 1,615 photos
  2. Joe Flood - 1,588 photos
  3. Ted Eytan - 1,216 photos
  4. Brian Allen - 1,074 photos
  5. John Sonderman - 707 photos

Image by Joe Flood licensed under Creative Commons.

United Club at National Airport. Image by airbus777 licensed under Creative Commons.

St. Albans. Image by buoscio nworks used with permission.

Where in the region are our photo contributors snapping photos? Take a peek by clicking through on this geotagged map: