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Readers recently completed our annual reader survey and told us about the ways GGWash helps them be more active, engaged residents and gives them the information they need to support pro-urbanism policies and practices. Help us continue to be a resource by becoming a monthly supporter today!

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This month, we’re challenging 21 people to step up and become monthly donors. Right now, 79 people collectively give a total of $801 each month to help support our operations. To finish out the year strong, we need to get to 100 monthly supporters.

Not convinced your $5 or $10 a month is providing a valuable service? Hear what readers readers like you said about how they benefit from GGWash.

You’re getting information from GGWash that you aren’t getting anywhere else

“Your recent mention of the trial roll out of dockless bikeshare was very helpful since we hadn't heard about it and our staff needed to know to anticipate this. DDOT is now planning to meet with federal stakeholders, so thanks!”

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You’re inspired to organize around progressive urbanism issues

“Organized friends to get together 2-3 times a month to contact politicians. Just did a postcard session to the MoCo council supporting raised building heights in Silver Spring.”

"I established a group for Deaf urbanists to discuss issues and get involved with urban planning"

You’re learning about opportunities to influence decisions and showing up to speak up

“I attended an ANC meeting in my neighborhood to advocate for more density at the Hebrew Home. I knew about the meeting because of GGW[ash]”.

"After reading about an upcoming MNCPPC public meeting, I discussed with my 12-year-old son and encouraged him to prepare remarks and apply to testify, which he did. Great learning experience for both of us."

"Joined MWCOG TPB Citizens advisory council based on call for applicants on GGW"

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You’re testing out new modes of transportation

"I bike more based on things I've learned on this blog (and sing the praises of biking to friends who are potentially interested)."

You’re casting more informed votes thanks to GGWash’s endorsements

"GGW[ash] is one of the first places I look for political endorsements in local elections."

"I based my ANC vote on your endorsements, and have become a steady participant at ANC meetings in the time since the GGW-endorsed candidate lost. I have engaged my commissioners on issues related to transportation and Hebrew Home, and have shared GGW articles to this effect on social media. GGW is a wonderful resource to inspire and inform civic engagement."

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You tricked me into reading this

Want a wonkier summary of our reader survey? Become a monthly donor today and help make it happen! If 10 people become monthly donors as a result of reading this post, we’ll share the full rundown of the survey results filled with data visualizations and graphs :)

Sarah Guidi is Greater Greater Washington's Managing Director. A social worker by training, Sarah brings knowledge of nonprofit management, policy and advocacy, and community engagement to Greater Greater Washington. When she's not working, she enjoys visiting new parts of the city by bike, doing gymnastics, and reading novels. Sarah lives in the Petworth neighborhood of DC.