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Without volunteers, Greater Greater Washington could not publish daily stories, nor advocate for change, nor host regular happy hours and other meet-ups for our community. To keep all this great stuff going, we're looking for new writers, a comment moderator, someone to analyze our site data, and more! Interested? Apply for a volunteer position today.

Rapid response blogger: When news breaks, the sooner we can get a post up on the site that explains what happened and, in some cases, provides analysis or further context, the better. Don’t worry if you’re not a subject matter expert! We know plenty of those, and the writer’s job is often simply summarizing what the experts have to say. (Commitment: 2 posts/month; approx. 4 hours/month). Interested? Let us know!

Bike writer: Bike issues are a hot topic on GGWash. Our community loves to read and talk about everything bike related on the blog. We’ve got great relationships with bike experts and advocates in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, and we’re looking for someone to turn the info they give us into posts. (Commitment: 2 posts/month; approx. 4 hours/month). Do you want to help keep bikes on the blog? Fill out this quick form today!

Comment moderator: When other sites are closing their comments section, GGWash's is thriving. We need someone who can check comments frequently throughout the work day and can respond quickly to make sure our comments stay informative, respectful, and civil. We’re looking for someone who values the comment section and can fairly and consistently uphold our comment policy. (Approximate time commitment: 1 hour/day). Is this you? Apply today!

Events guru: For years GGWash has held regular happy hours at transit-accessible locations across the region, thanks to volunteers. (Shout out to Dan Reed for coordinting them the last few years!) We’re looking for a few passionate people who can help keep happy hours going and bring some creative, new ideas for ways to bring the GGWash community together in real life. Do you have ideas and want to help? (Approximate time commitment: 3 hours/month). Tell us!

External comms maestro - GGWash gets dozens of emails each day. A lot of messages are spam, but others contain great post pitches, events we want to feature, or relevant press releases about issues we should cover on the blog. We're looking for someone to help keep tabs on the inbox and represent GGWash by responding to inquires. If you love checking off a to do list and putting on your customer service hat, please consider helping out! (Approximate time commitment: 30 minutes/day). Apply today!

Metrics data cruncher: Each week, tens of thousands of people visit GGWash to read our posts and discuss issues in the comments section. We’re looking for someone to use the wealth of data we have to monitor performance of the website, produce metrics reports, and make suggestions for improvements. Does getting under the hood of GGWash's Google analytics page entice you? (Approximate time commitment: 3 hours/month). Be part of the team today!

We can't do it without volunteers

Because we’re a small team of only four staff, volunteers play a critical role in keeping the blog and the organization up and running. We’re looking for people who have the right combination of skills, dedication to GGWash’s mission, and commitment to serving in a volunteer role for at least one year. Be part of a community of people who care about making greater Washington greater! Volunteer with us!

Sarah Guidi was Greater Greater Washington's Managing Director from 2015 to 2018. She now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her family.