The new bike lane on Cameron Street in Old Town Alexandria. Image by the author.

Alexandria is nearly finished adding bike lanes from the King Street Metro station to the waterfront in Old Town. Crews are painting the new lanes and sharrows on Cameron Street and Prince Street, which parallel King Street, as part of the city's larger effort to improve cycling infrastructure.

A map of the new Cameron Street and Prince Street bike lanes and sharrows. Image by City of Alexandria.

The bike lanes will stretch for about three-quarters of the distance between the Metro station and Union Street at the Old Town waterfront on both Cameron and Prince, according to The Wash Cycle. The balance will be sharrows.

Sharrows on Cameron Street looking towards the Old Town waterfront. Image by the author.

Some of the lanes are already finished, and the entire project will be finished in May.

With the new lanes and sharrows, cyclists will have nearly an entire dedicated lane from King Street Metro to the Mount Vernon Trail via the existing bike lanes on Union Street north of King Street.

The cycling infrastructure improvements to Cameron and Prince streets are part of Alexandria's updated pedestrian and cycling master plan. Under the plan, the city aims to encourage cycling, walking and other non-motorised modes of transportation with complete streets.

Previous upgrades under the plan include bike lanes on King Street west of Old Town and joining Capital Bikeshare.