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You tune into GGWash in your spare morning moments: on the bus, when you're procrastinating, when you're trying to out-cite your friends. And it’s awesome. The fact that you and more than 20,000 other people look to GGWash each week is so darn awesome. Please keep doing doing all of that – contributing to this community by commenting, sharing, and writing posts. And yes – please keep investing with your dollars.

This post is definitely me encouraging you to donate to this charming place on the internet.

When you donate to GGWash, you ensure quick access to an independent, thoughtful, policy-oriented discussion on topics that define our region. You give that access to your friends and neighbors. You give readers like you and me the ability to chime in and participate. And, most importantly, you help turn many of these conversations and ideas into action in the real world, making this region a really good place to live.

The good work we’re doing at WABA relies on GGWash

I work for the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA), the region’s non-profit working to make this region a greater place to ride a bike. I watch our staff, board, and membership use GGWash to help spread ideas that carry out our work, transform our built environment and laws, and cultural norms on our roadways. Because GGWash has built a community of readers who care about smart cities and happy residents, we at WABA know that if we share an idea on GGWash, it will be seen by people who can help make it happen.

So thanks again for all that you do. Your support helps more than you know.

Donate. Seriously. By supporting GGWash, you provide a valuable resource to other local organizations like WABA

A political environment that supports our collective work relies on information-sharing. It requires engaged residents in ongoing conversations on better services, zoning, jobs, housing, transit, schools, and reliable data – the kitchen sink. GGWash is the place to learn and talk about how all these issues are related. It’s built on the thoughtful support, smarts, and dollars from people like you.

Help keep our collective work thriving by donating today.

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Nelle Pierson is Deputy Director for the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA), the region's bicycle advocacy and education non-profit working to make biking safe, popular, and normal. She's interested in all things transportation and its many intersections within environmental health, community health, and personal health. She's lived in DC since 2010 and is a resident of Stronghold.