Small town character? Photo by JUTP.

The official word on the I-66 deck: Infosnack HQ made some calls and found out the detailed scoop on the parking garage. One of five parking decks is free to the public, and fills up with commuters on weekdays (why can’t they charge, again?) while the others are used by Arlington Public Schools.

BRAC = Bringing Really Awful Commutes: Get ready for major commuting headaches when jobs move to transit-free bases like Ft. Meade, Ft. Belvoir, and Andrews. Plus, says Former Army soldier Imagine DC, the bases aren’t designed for walkability.

Small-town feel means strip malls to some: Burtonsville had a plan in 2005 to redevelop its central strip mall into a “town center” style development, but resident and environmentalist opposition killed it, writes Just Up the Pike. Though looking at JUTP’s rendering, it looks like the proposal would have been only mildly more walkable, retaining surface parking on all sides and maintaining barriers to the main streets.

Biking not part of the framework: NCPC’s National Capital Framework Plan, while it contains many great ideas, manages to completely ignore bicyclists and ways we could better accommodate them in and around the Mall, WashCycle points out. Too bad nobody asked about that on yesterday’s fairly bland Kojo segment on the plan.