Meet the bubble bus: WMATA released images of their new Metrobuses, slated for service in August. DCist has more.

Where’s the Bethesda of the West? The Bay Area is behind Greater Washington in creating dense, walkable places (think Bethesda) around their BART stations, but they’re making progress, reports Transbay Blog.

Youth and seniors living together, mass hysteria: We need greater age diversity in our cities, argues Ryan Avent. Currently, the property tax system pushes for towns to “specialize” in high-quality education for families, communities for seniors, or nightlife centers for young singles. Instead, we should build places that appeal to all and sustain more integrated communities.

Does it have a bottle opener? DC has started issuing the OneCard, combining a library card, ID card for DC rec centers, and a SmarTrip in one, reports Infosnack HQ.

A delegate never forgets: Remember when Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton promised hearings over Union Station’s harassment of photographers? Well, they’re tomorrow. Via DCist.