Photo by David Boyle in DC on Flickr.

S is for slow: At last night’s public meeting for the S1/S2/S4 buses, participants suggested limited-stop service, removing parking for bus-only lanes, and fewer stops (in Columbia Heights, there’s a stop almost every single block) were among the suggestions. (Post)

MARC is for unpredictable: Maryland Politics Watch identifies key ways to improve MARC service. Making those lines run with the frequency and efficiency of transit lines is one of the best investments Maryland could make.

How to double park properly: NYC DOT has a diagram on the right way to double park near a bike lane. (In NYC, it’s legal for trucks outside the central business district.) If you park this way, you too can evade the future bike-lane-blocking fine and only have to pay the double parking fine, satisfying Chairman Gray’s concerns. (Streetsblog)

World still hasn’t ended: The new ballpark is working well, even with very little parking. It contributed to Metro hitting its highest ridership day ever on Friday. I wonder why the Post didn’t chalk this success up to DC’s war on fans? (Post)

Congress would probably reject it here: New York City converted a parking lot in DUMBO (in Brooklyn) to a public square in a matter of weeks. We could use some of that speed and vision. (Streetfilms)

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