Concept sketch from LCOR proposal for the Tenley-Friendship library. Via ODMPED.

Moran, Oberstar defend transit: Virginia’s Burke Connection covered Monday’s town hall meeting in Tysons. Oberstar, the chair of the House Transportation Committee, got most of the quotes in the article, defending light rail and criticizing the federal funding formula which ignores many factors. And, like all pro-transit officials, he expressed a clear hope that things will change next year. “Shifting dollars from highway to transit? In this administration, that anathema,” Oberstar said.

Smart Growth at Tenley library? The chair of ANC 3E (Tenleytown, AU Heights, and Friendship Heights), Amy McVey, is reporting that DMPED has decided to go ahead with a public-private partnership to develop the Tenley-Friendship Library site. Earlier this year, they solicited proposals for a private developer to build housing along with a new library and/or rebuilding the adjacent school; Ward 3 Vision supported the idea, while some members of the community opposed it. A mixed-use project would better utilize this key corner right by Metro. McVey says they’ve selected LCOR, but it’s not clear how closely the final project will resemble their original submission.

Maryland town keeps out the Muslims: The Frederick County town of Walkersville stopped a Muslim sect from building a religious retreat on the town’s largest farm, reports the Post. “Many residents told reporters they were nervous about the prospect of so many Muslims establishing a presence in their community.” The landowner is suing, claiming violations of RLUIPA along with many other claims.