Portion of CAPA’s map.

Residents along Connecticut Avenue from Woodley Park to Chevy Chase DC have created the Connecticut Avenue Pedestrian Action project to improve pedestrian safety along this important street.

Connecticut Avenue is the main street for many neighborhoods along its length, and a major commuter route from Maryland. Its wide cross-section and reversible lanes accommodate heavy traffic during rush periods, but also lead drivers to speed off-peak.

Local officials and residents have long grappled with pedestrian safety. Many pedestrian crashes happen there, especially in problem spots like the intersection with Nebraska Avenue which has more than its share of pedestrians killed  and injured.

CAPA has raised funding for an audit of pedestrian safety by Toole Design. To help collect data, they would like people who walk in the area to take a brief survey and identify trouble spots on the interactive map.

What has your experience been along Connecticut Avenue? How do you suggest DC improve this key road?