Reader Jeb sends along this particularly egregious example of failure to shovel. But in this case, they shoveled plenty, just not the sidewalks.

MarcParc is one of the large remaining surface parking lots in Mount Vernon Triangle. It occupies the entire block from 5th to 6th Streets NW between K and New York Avenues, adjacent to CityVista.

Left: Unshoveled sidewalks. Right: Well-shoveled parking lot. Click on an image to enlarge.

Jeb writes:

Immediately after the original storm this past weekend, MarcParc restored full parking availability on their lot but left every one of the surrounding sidewalks buried under feet of snow. Pedestrians have been forced to walk in the middle of dangerously busy avenues (K St, 6th, etc.) to get around the parking lot. In fact, it’s not even clear how somebody who parked in their lot would safely get down to the nearest corner without dodging cars (and the huge spray of dirty meltwater they throw up as they pass).

Jeb tried reporting the issue to 311 and DPW, as well as to MarcParc’s central office, which hasn’t returned his call. He says, “The man on duty at the booth acted unaware of the city’s laws but said he would talk to his supervisor.”

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