Metro will run extremely, extremely limited (and free) service Monday. Meanwhile, local jurisdictions are working to plow roads, and DC is recruiting people to help shovel sidewalks. What do you think of the region’s snow recovery efforts?

Metrorail service Monday. Map by Peter Dovak. Click for full version.

We’re doing our own shoveling and so forth, but want to let members of our community discuss the latest in the snow dig-out.

WMATA just announced there will be service every 20-25 minutes Monday on just underground parts of the Red Line (Medical Center to Union Station), Orange Line (Ballston to Eastern Market) and Green Line (Fort Totten to Anacostia).

Buses will run a “lifeline service” of a vehicle every 30 minutes only on 22 lines: the 32, 33, 36, 53, 70, 90, A6, A8, S4, U8, V4, and X2 in DC; the C4, D12, K6, P12, Q2, Y2, and Z8 in Maryland; and the 16A, 16E, and 28A in Virginia.

Metro won’t charge any fares on the rail or bus.

Photo by Ryan McKnight on Flickr.

Officials say don’t drive or walk yet

DC officials are urging people to stay off the roads unless necessary. Anyone who tries to drive and ends up blocking a major road could face a $750 fine. Many sidewalks are still impassable on foot, which has led to some people walking in the street.

Some officials have responded by urging people not to walk in the streets; others have responded by pointing out that many have little choice. The Bowser administration has been pleading with residents to volunteer to shovel out others who can’t do it.

What are you observing? What do you think of the region’s snow response so far?

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