For years now, the end of the week in Washington has become synonymous with “weekend rebuilding” on Metro. Below is a snapshot of all weekend track work that WMATA did in 2015.

Each number indicates how many total times a particular segment of track went into single tracking, and the color of each station shows how many times it was closed. Map by Peter Dovak.

I found this information for the last eight months of 2015 by searching typing “weekend service adjustments” plus a date into the search bar on WMATA’s website. For weekends prior to May 2015, WMATA lists notices in its archive of news releases.

Key takeaways include:

  • There were 56 single track zones on the Red Line (single track work zones often encompassed multiple track segments, leading to a higher total in the above chart), and five station closures
  • The Blue, Orange, and Silver Lones had 38 single track zones, with the Orange line having 15 station closures and the Blue Line having four
  • The Yellow Like had 33 single track zones, with four station closures
  • The Green Line had 20 single track zones, with six station closures

This pdf has a more detailed look at exactly what work was done, and where in the system.

Of all the lines, the Red Line— the system’s oldest— had the widest distribution of weekend work zones (15 distinct work zones), though the eastern end of the Orange Line between Stadium-Armory and Cheverly saw the greatest frequency of work: 17 weekends throughout 2015.

See track work for: Red Line   Orange Line   Yellow Line

Green Line   Blue Line   Silver Line
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Tables by Peter Dovak.