Ever wonder what transit projects are in under construction, planned, or proposed in Denver or Honolulu? Check out a captivating new Transit Explorer that maps transit development in more than 40 cities in North America.


Developed by Chicago-based urbanists and transit professionals Yonah Freemark and Steven Vance, the new transit project visualisation is an extension of the popular transit openings and construction starts post that Freemark has published on his blog The Transport Politic annually since 2009.

“We wanted to provide people an open-source, easy to use, and good-looking interface by which to explore transit in North America,” says Freemark. “Transit Explorer is all about helping people understand where fixed-guideway transit is now and where it could go so that they can imagine how to improve transportation systems in their own cities and compare plans across the continent.”

Transit Explorer shows the wide variety of transit projects in some stage of development in the Washington DC region, including the Silver Line phase two in Virginia, H Street streetcar line in DC and the Purple Line light rail project in Maryland.


Edward Russell is an air transport reporter by day with a passion for all things transportation. He is a resident of Eckington and tweets frequently about planes, trains and bikes.