From time to time Google, updates the images it uses for Google Maps and Google Earth. It just refreshed its stock for parts of the Washington region.

All images from Google Maps

We’ve covered Google’s efforts to keep up with the region’s changing landscape before. Like always, this set of images includes some where big changes occurred between when they were taken and when Google made them public.

The most interesting new thing on the map is probably Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada’s “Out Of Many, One” portrait on the National Mall, which is pictured above.

The Monroe Street Market in Brookland is done:

You can see the green-painted First Street Bike lane:

Construction is underway on the Takoma/Langley Crossroads Transit Center:

Lots of work getting done for the coming Wharf development in Southwest DC:

You can see the Capital Wheel at National Harbor (or, more easily, its shadow):

You may notice something missing in the rundown of new additions to the area: the Silver Line. That’s because the imagery hasn’t been updated west of the West Falls Church Metro. In fact, you can see the seam cut right through the West Falls Church Rail Yard:

Another place that’s now much different from the image Google has: On Google Maps, you can see demolition underway on the PEPCO plant on Benning Road. Today, the structure is totally gone:

When, exactly, did Google take these pictures?

According to Google Earth, the new images are from October 7, 2014. But the “taken on” date was off by a day last time, and that could be the case again. It’s hard to know for sure since October 7th was a Tuesday and most weekdays look pretty much the same from the sky, but it’s a safe bet that the 7th is at least very close since we know the fair pictured below that was going on at Fort McNair from the 7th to the 10th.

What have you noticed?

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Steven Yates grew up in Indiana before moving to DC in 2002 to attend college at American University.  He currently lives in Southwest DC.