Here are our favorite new images from the Greater and Lesser Washington Flickr pool, showcasing the best and worst of the Washington region.

Rock Creek Park.  Photo by Colton Brown.

Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park.  Photo by Erin.

Photo by Joe Flood.

Dupont Circle. Photo by JJ Jackson.

Photo by nevermindtheend.

Swann Street, NW. Photo by Erin.

Got a picture that depicts the best or worst of the Washington region? Make sure to join our Flickr pool and submit your own photos! It would be great if you could also include the location of a photo in the description. Thanks!

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Matt Bechak is a longtime DC-area resident and photographer. He originally made his way from Pittsburgh to the Dupont Circle neighborhood to attend George Washington University.  Since that time he has fled for the suburbs, and on warm days, he can be found commuting into town on his rusty Schwinn.