On Tuesday, we posted our twenty-eighth photo challenge to see how well you know Metro. I took five photos in the Metro system. Here are the answers. How well did you do?

This week, we got 24 guesses. Only one person got all five correct, though. Great work, Peter K!

Image 1: NoMa

The first image was clearly the easiest, garnering 23 correct guesses (one person didn’t guess on it). From the photo, you can tell that the canopy is clearly of the “Gull II” variety, and since the next train is going to Glenmont, you know it has to be on the Red Line. The only Gull II station on the Red Line is NoMa.

Image 2: McLean

The second image shows McLean station. We got 16 correct answers to this clue. From the canopy supports on either side of the image, most of you were able to narrow this down to one of the “Tysons Peak” stations. You can also just barely make out the text on the sign with the Silver Line’s end points. (Everyone who guessed guessed a station on the Silver Line).

While several of you guessed Spring Hill, which is this station’s twin, the view of the buildings in the distance proves this is McLean.

Image 3: Forest Glen

This image of Forest Glen proved a little harder, getting only 13 correct guesses. There’s not much context here, but the primary clue is the sign that says “elevators to exit.” There are only three elevator-only primary exits in the system, so this had to be one of those stations. The shape of the vault (visible at left) and the lighting should narrow it down to Forest Glen.

Image 4: Takoma

Only six people correctly guessed Takoma for the fourth image. This hallway leads to the platform elevator and is in a different location than the primary (escalator) mezzanine. The reason this entrance exists is because the first phase of Metro (the stations that opened between 1976 and 1978) were designed without elevators. Later, the designs were changed to incorporate elevators, but that resulted in many of those stations having elevators in odd locations. Takoma (opened in 1978) is one of those stations.

Image 5: Southern Avenue

The final image shows station art at Southern Avenue. We actually featured this same art installation in Week 4, though from a different vantage point. Only three of you knew that this was Southern Avenue.

Thanks to everyone for playing! Great work. Stay tuned. We’ll have five more images for you next week on our new day: Tuesday.

Matt Johnson has lived in the Washington area since 2007. He has a Master’s in Planning from the University of Maryland and a BS in Public Policy from Georgia Tech. He lives in Dupont Circle. He’s a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, and is an employee of the Montgomery County Department of Transportation. His views are his own and do not represent those of his employer.