The author at GGW’s 5th birthday. Photo by Aimee Custis.

There’s no shortage of blogs in the DC area that talk about specific neighborhoods. In fact, for 8 years, I’ve written one myself. But Greater Greater Washington tells a unique story about our region as a whole.

I don’t remember when I started reading GGW, but I was struck by the slogan “the Washington, DC area is great. But it could be greater.” Our region is undergoing a massive period of growth, resurgence, and evolution. In doing so, the traditional lines between “city” and “suburb” are blurring, both in terms of demographics and the built environment.

To understand what’s happening in our communities, sometimes we have to look at the big picture. From the start, GGW has looked at the opportunities and challenges facing places from Georgetown to Germantown and everywhere in between, and how they’re all connected.

Greater Greater Washington is a place where smart, passionate people, including residents, advocates, community leaders, elected officials, designers, and planners, can come together and talk about where we’re going as a region. It’s given me the chance to share the stories of my community, Silver Spring, and to read the stories of places throughout the District, Maryland, and Virginia, that other media don’t report.

This blog is an invaluable resource for those who care about making stronger, more sustainable communities, and has become the envy of places around the nation. Over the past year, I’ve been proud to serve Greater Greater Washington as its associate editor, and while I won’t be in that position much longer, I’m eager to remain a part of this amazing community.

Moreover, I’m excited to see where GGW will go next, and what stories we’ll get to tell in the future. But we can only do that with your help. If you care about having an online community that’s able to look at the big picture of Greater Washington, I hope you’ll support us with a donation.