Children stay hungry: DC’s children face the highest rate of food insecurity in the nation at 30.7%, a situation that’s now worse because some schools are closed for the summer or permanently due to budget cuts. Nonprofits say they could feed more kids if they had the space. (Huffington Post)

Taking care of bullies: Project SEATBELT aims to strengthen the anti-bullying policies in DC schools. The program will augment anti-bullying measures from the Youth Bullying Prevention Act. (The Blade)

Progress correlates with non-poverty: DCPS schools that do a better job of helping their students advance academically tend to have fewer poor students (Shanker Blog).

Summer school seats go empty: DCPS’s K-8 summer school has fallen short of its targeted enrollment. Parents say the change from invitation-only to open enrollment was confusing and came too late. (Post)

Jessica Christy has two children learning Chinese at Washington Yu Ying, where she is also the president of the Parent Association. For work, she does industrial hygiene consulting and stays at home with her two-year-old. In her free time (ha!), Jessica enjoys needlepoint and DIY home improvement. All opinions stated here are her own.