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Yesterday, a giant storm smashed into the mid-Atlantic. Virtually nothing else of note happened.

Sadly, a few people were killed in traffic crashes or from falling trees in the region, but it was far worse in New Jersey and New York.

The Ocean City boardwalk was damaged and a pier destroyed. Storm surge flooded Atlantic City Lower Manhattan, and parts of Brooklyn, including the New York City Subway, PATH, and tunnels.

Metro will reopen at 2 pm today on a Sunday schedule, and will return to normal weekday service tomorrow. There is no timetable about when the New York subway will reopen after facing what its chairman calls the worst disaster in its 108-year history.

There aren’t as many traffic signals out in DC as some expected, but there are a number of of roads closed in Virginia and Maryland.

Finally, forecasters expect flooding in the Potomac over the next few days as all the water that fell yesterday makes its way downriver.

How did you and your homes hold up in the storm?

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