Bixi in Montreal. Photo by guybrariang.

The DC Bicycle Advisory Council met on Wednesday, and DDOT revealed lots of interesting news, which WashCycle kindly wrote up in great detail. Some of the highlights:

South Capitol bike trail: DDOT hired Toole Design to investigate the possibility of closing one lane along South Capitol Street, to convert to a bike trail. If Maryland continues the trail it would enable cyclists to reach the new Wilson Bridge bike lane and Alexandria.

Pennsylvania Ave bike lane: DDOT is talking to NPS about adding a bike lane to Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. The designs for Capitol Hill Town Square also proposed a bike lane on Pennyslvania Avenue, SE. No word whether NPS is being at all accommodating about this idea.

Summer Streets in Fort Dupont: Since Petworth turned down the idea, DDOT will instead organize a Summer Streets event in Fort Dupont Park, in River East. That’s a great idea, and River East should have a Summer Streets every year. Apparently, unlike some of his or her colleagues, “NPS’s new lead in the area is eager to find ways to get people into the parks.” In addition to closing streets, NPS will offer rental bikes and possibly free pedicabs.

DDOT “is hoping to do more locations next year.” Better yet, let’s do one spanning most of the city and multiple quadrants. How about all of Pennsylvania Avenue, or the length of North Capitol and South Capitol with a nice scenic ride past the Capitol?

SmartBike: We recently discussed how DDOT is considering dumping Clear Channel for SmartBike. They’re still talking to Clear Channel, though I also heard confirmation from another source that Clear Channel is just not interested in SmartBike amid a general downturn in their business. DDOT is also looking at Montreal’s Bixi, which uses solar powered stations. Those are quicker to install because PEPCO isn’t involved, and easier to reposition if needed. However, the bikes are heaver and “the stations are less streamlined.” DDOT also has “some sort of regional agreement” with Arlington, which is applying for federal funding for bike sharing.

Legislation: The BAC plans to focus on Complete Streets legislation and laws allowing people to bring bicycles into their office buildings. They also discussed whether the planned bicycle-mounted enforcement squad would primarily target cyclists and pedestrians and give insufficient attention to dangerous driver behavior.