Union Station Bicycle Transit Center rendering. Image from DDOT.

Union Station bicycle transit center photos: DC has begun construction on the Union Station bicycle transit center, which will have parking for 150 bikes and lockers, though no shower facilities. DC Bicycle Examiner has more information and a slide show of the station’s construction.

Toronto’s TTC also beta-phobic: Toronto riders discovered a publicly available test of their own NextBus implementation-in-progress. And just like here, the transit agency asked NextBus to pull the link. (Toronto Star)

Wake up, VDOT, it’s not 1950: Under orders from the Fairfax Board of Supervisors, Cathy Hudgins voted to reinstate the I-66 widening in the region’s plan. However, the compromise resolution only allows the first of three phases until VDOT completes the promised multi-modal analysis. BeyondDC calls it a “wake up call” forcing VDOT to “take multimodalism seriously”.

DOT, HUD create livable communities task force: A new initiative between the federal DOT and HUD departments will coordinate transportation and housing policy to encourage “affordable housing near employment opportunities, more transportation options, … and safe, healthy and livable communities.” Ryan Avent is especially enthusiastic about the part where the agencies will produces useful research to help regional planning. (Yglesias)

Nominate an innovative land use project: The Committee of 100 may often disagree with us on land use, but they’re still interested in your nominations for an “innovative” project, plan, or organization in planning and land use. Nominate something using this form.

On the calendar: Friday is Gabe Klein’s confirmation hearing to head DDOT, rescheduled from an earlier date which coincided with the big snowstorm. Despite what the notice says, it’ll be at 2 pm, right after our live chat with Zachary Schrag. … Saturday evening, get gussied up for WABA’s annual gala and silent auction at the German Embassy.