Rendering of Dunbar Place.

Bikes at Shady Grove: Metro is “considering [whether] to allow Montgomery County to build [a] bike path to [the] Shady Grove” Metro station. Metro acknowledges it can’t always afford all desired improvements itself, but is it really questioning whether to allow the County to construct a bike facility using its own dollars? (Examiner)

Lots mo’ in NoMa: Despite the recession, the Dunbar Place condo building is set to start construction in the next month on North Capitol near New York Avenue. Unfortunately, the plans provide for only one street entrance and no retail on this 29-unit corner project. (DCmud)

Stimulus notables: The Columbia Pike streetcar project isn’t far enough along to qualify for stimulus funds, though Potomac Yard transit could find money. And Metro’s check will be smaller than expected. (Sun Gazette, Examiner)

No Arlington price equlibrium yet: Among Northern Virginia localities, Arlington is the only one whose February year-over-year median home sales price fell less than double-digits. Arlington fell 4%, compared to a whopping 36% decrease in Prince William County. Yet, of all the localities, Arlington is the only place whose number of completed sales year-over-year decreased, and it wasn’t even close. (NoVa Housing Bubble Fallout)

A stretched White Flint: A group of developers working with the county on the proposed White Flint sector plan have suggested reorienting the density focus areas from “concentric circles” around the station to a more linear pattern along Rockville Pike and stepping down to the surrounding neighborhoods. The overall density allowed in the plan would be increased as well. (Gazette)

The Silver slippers work their magic: JBG is working full-steam ahead on its plans for its 250,000 sq. ft. mixed-use project adjacent to the planned Tysons West station, dubbed the “Tysons West Promenade”. Also, notwithstanding the JBG project’s name, Dan M. reports that the Silver Line station names aren’t finalized and won’t be determined until the project is transferred to WMATA. (DCmud, BeyondDC)

Google Transit for everyone: Hot off the heels of Michael’s reporting that WMATA will release transit data in an open format, Alexandria’s DASH transit has launched a new web site with a trip planner powered by Google Transit and provisions for future real-time bus arrival information. Of course, this was in the works prior to WMATA’s announcement, but apparently when it rains, it pours. (via CommuterPageBlog)

Faded opulence: In a city where the average home sold for less than $6,000 in February, two Time photographers have immortalized Detroit’s stunning decline. Also, those same photographers have made a study of the Forgotten Theatres of America. (Tip: Jaime)

♫ Largo al factotum: VDOT has scored a video of the Wilson Bridge demolition to a Rossini Opera. (Tip: Jaime)