Photo by mrobenalt on Flickr.

Staying retired, for now: Development at the Armed Forces Retirement Home is now on hold thanks to the bad economy. (Post via Bloomingdale, For Now)

Shady development seeing the light: The Mongtomery County Planning Board will hold a hearing on the Shady Grove Life Sciences Center on March 26th. (Gazette)

Isn’t it fertilizer? Some residents of McLean Gardens and the surrounding area aren’t sure a dog park can coexist with their community garden on Newark Street. (WTOP)

Radio? Is that like YouTube without pictures? Kojo Nnamdi discussed social networking today in light of the Maryland legislature’s recent ban.

When boarding, please don’t pee: Friends of friends of Transportation Examiner Katherine Hill pee on the Metro platforms. Really. Yuck.

Bricks or bricks? DDOT wants to know what you prefer for bricks around Eastern Market: “Holland Pavers” or cobblestone-esque bricks. (DCist)

Dead tree? Oh well: There’s nobody to prune dying or dead trees, DC officials tell Life in Mount Vernon Square.

On the calendar: Tonight, DDOT is simultaneously presenting plans for 17th and 18th Street in Dupont and the 11th Street Bridges. In Alexandria, the Potomac Yards advisory group is discussing a potential Metro station. Tomorrow, DDOT will present plans to reopen Champlain Street under the Marie Reed Center in Adams Morgan.

Plus ça change: Last year, people in Ward 3 were debating free visitor parking passes; Council Chairman Vincent Gray was talking about parking on Poplar Point, and we looked at two options for South Capitol Street, of which DDOT ultimately picked the better one.