Photo by Jake Mates on Flickr.

PG United? DC United’s owner has announced his intention to move the team to Prince George’s County, though he has no firm deal yet. Owner Victor McFarlane wanted DC to pay 75% of the cost of the new stadium, the Post writes, potentially costing DC up to $225 million in public money. McFarlane also offered to “let” DC use some of the tax revenue from ticket and concession sales (which it ought to get anyway) to the construction, Yet according to WTOP, the team will pay the full cost of a Maryland stadium.

Vélib not dying: The operator of Paris’s extremely successful Vélib bike sharing program is claiming high rates of theft and vandalism. Streetsblog explains that it’s a negotiating tactic by private operator JCDecaux to get more money from the city. Don’t be surprised if Clear Channel pulls something similar one day regarding SmartBike.

Greenbelt wants zoning control: Prince George’s state delegates can’t agree on whether to let municipalities make their own land use decisions. Doing so could enable towns to force better quality developments in their borders, but could also start a race to the bottom where towns try to attract big auto-dependent malls right at the edges of town, raising tax revenue while pushing undesirable traffic effects off on the neighboring jurisdiction.

Et tu, Schume? New York’s arts organizations are upset with Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) for voting for Tom Coburn’s amendment prohibiting spending stimulus money on casinos, zoos, swimming pools, parks, museums, theaters, art centers, highway beautification projects, and more. Schumer says he didn’t read the amendment before voting for it, and though it only applied to casinos and golf courses.

Cleveland Park anti-walkability association: The Cleveland Park Citizens Association is meeting Sunday to consider a resolution on the proposed Wisconsin Giant. Giant supporters point out that CPCA has already filed to be a party in opposition at next Thursday’s Zoning Commission hearing, prior to letting members vote on the association’s position. Supporters encourage CPCA members to show up and vote against the opposition resolution.

Sorry, Alexandria: There will be no Metro service at or through Pentagon this weekend. Shuttle buses will connect Pentagon City, Pentagon, and L’Enfant Plaza. Track Twenty-Nine has a handy map and more information.

And: GOOD compares the fuel usage of various modes of transportation over the same distances. Bikes win, buses come in second. … Casey Trees is running a workshop for homeowners to learn how to plant their own trees. Attendees get a free tree. Tip: Lynda. … Another DC (area) to NYC bus is starting up. This one, TripperBus, will stop in Rosslyn, Bethesda, and midtown Manhattan. Will it take Wisconsin Avenue between the two? If so, might a stop in Georgetown draw a lot of riders?