At TransportationCampDC yesterday, MV Jantzen showed off another amusing Metro-themed game he created: Metro Hangman.

What station is this?

Just like the traditional game, you see with a set of words with blanks where the letters go, and can type letters to guess them. Pick a letter that’s in the phrase, and it appears everywhere it’s used; pick one that’s not 5 times, and you lose.

With 86 stations, an even more fun way to play this game is to try to guess the answer without guessing any letters at all. There are a few combinations that satisfy more than one station (like _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ or _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _), but most only work for a single station, including the one in the image above. Can you figure out the station it represents without trying any letters or looking at a map?

Jantzen gave this game the same brown background often used on the Metro, and when you get a word right, you see diagonal arrows like those on the faregates. The Hangman game also has (differently-colored) other word sets, including Broadway shows and Paris Métro stations, both of which are a little harder to guess without trying any letters unless you are a real expert in those domains.

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