Photo by DDOTDC on Flickr.

It only takes about half an hour to install a bike rack. So, very soon, DDOT and WABA will have placed 36 new bike racks in Near Southeast as part of a new initiative called “Rack Attack.” ANC Commissioner David Garber brought attention to the lack of bicycle parking at new retail establishments in the area. Along with DDOT and WABA staff, he was on hand to witness the first rack being installed at Cornercopia in the rapidly growing neighborhood. New bicycle racks are fairly inexpensive and provide a great incentive for cycling in a neighborhood. U-shaped “staple” racks cost about $100 in bulk, and DDOT provides a grant to WABA for installation. DDOT Bicycle Program Specialist Chris Holben estimated the total cost of a new bike rack at around $300. WABA Bike Parking Program Coordinator Megan Van de Mark installs most of the racks, using a bicycle and trailer to carry the racks and tools to each installation site. Are there places you know that could use more bike parking? Maybe a “Rack Attack” could come to your neighborhood soon. DDOT installs about 250 bike racks a year and takes requests from the business community for possible locations. Post your suggestions in the comments and we’ll get the nominations to DDOT.

Check out the full set of photos provided by DDOT.

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