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  • Washington’s good streets and bad streets

    Washington, DC is a city with some of the most magnificent public spaces and some of the worst at the same time. The Mall is mixed; it’s a huge tourist attraction with great, free museums and monuments, but many of the buildings present blank stone walls to the streets and there are too many cars, rendering it more of an empty grassy space between attractions than a destination in…  Keep reading…

  • America’s melting pot

    New York City was once the world’s melting pot; today that lives on primarily in Brooklyn, once of the most multicultural cities in America.  Many neighborhoods still represent a microcosm of the planet, with many ethnic groups living side by side, working, practicing their traditions, and sharing a neighborhood, usually peacefully.  Keep reading…

  • Three visions of the city

    As Boozy so entertainingly informed us, Le Corbusier’s vision for a city was the Radiant City, of rows of identical buildings and skyscrapers separated by parkland.  Robert Moses’ vision for the city included wide expressways (which eventually became choked with traffic) cutting across boulevards of urban renewal style projects.  And Jane Jacobs famously…  Keep reading…

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