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  • Arlington’s systemic streets

    Earlier this year, we explored the nature of Washington’s street-naming system. Across the Potomac, Arlington County also has rhyme and reason to street names. While Arlington was originally part of the District of Columbia (until 1846), it was not incorporated in the plan of Pierre L’Enfant. Unlike its larger neighbor, Arlington’s streets don’t…  Keep reading…

  • Washington’s state-named avenues

    Last week, I wrote about the system of street naming in Washington. From A Street to Verbena Street and from Half to Sixty-Third, our lettered and numbered streets make it difficult to get lost with their logical progressions. But our transverse diagonal avenues confound everyone from tourists to suburban motorists. Not only do they break all the grid rules, they even manage…  Keep reading…

  • Washington’s systemic streets

    Visitors and residents of Washington, DC know, to one degree or another, about the city’s street naming conventions. Most tourists know that we have lettered and numbered streets. And to some degree, they know there is a system, but it doesn’t stop them asking us directions. But most out-of-towners and even many residents don’t understand the full ingenuity…  Keep reading…

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