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  • Getting more out of Metro with “skip-stop”

    Metro ridership has been steadily rising for years. The Orange Line in Arlington and Fairfax, the “Orange Crush,” has the worst crowding. In 1994, when I lived near Court House Metro, I could get a seat on my commute into DC. By 2000, I would only occasionally get a seat living two stops further out at Virginia Square. Now East Falls Church is my closest station, and most mornings…  Keep reading…

  • Encourage renting and mobility to reduce sprawl

    Since the end of World War II, homeownership has been the very embodiment of the American Dream. A variety of government policies and programs have dramatically increased home ownership. But lately, some have been advocating that the government stop subsidizing home ownership, arguing that it locks people to a place, and when the economy goes sour people need the flexibility to…  Keep reading…

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