Greater Greater Washington is committed to being transparent about our finances. Without the financial support of foundations, local businesses, and of course, readers like you, GGWash couldn't continue to bring people together online and offline to discuss, organize, and advocate for a greater Washington, DC region for all people.

Your support makes our work possible and we think you deserve to know how we're putting it to use. Here's how we spent the money entrusted to us last year and where that money came from. 


Income $245,089
    Programming costs      178,468
    Administrative costs        26,361
    Fundraising costs         22,816
Total expenditures $227,644

Income and expense breakdown

Most of GGWash's income in 2016 came from foundation grants, specifically from the Open Philanthropy Project, McIntosh Foundation, and TransitCenter. Individual contributions from readers like you, and members of the board of directors and editorial board made up 16% of our income in 2016. Earned income from the blog and program activities such as customized blogging workshops and projects like the MetroGreater contest comprised 8% of our budget in 2016. Lastly, GGWash sought corporate sponsorships, securing support from five development companies ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 each. 

Nearly than 80% of our expenses directly support programming. That means they pay for the daily stream of blog posts you read on the site and the advocacy and organizing efforts to push for more housing and safe, reliable transit so that the Washington region continues to be an inclusive, diverse, growing place where all people can choose to live in walkable urban communities. Just over 11% of our expenses last year supported administrative activities including bookkeeping and accounting activities and ensuring that GGWash is in compliance with local and federal regulations and around 10% supported fundraising efforts. 

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GGWash is supported by our members, corporate supporters, and foundations.

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