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What are ANCs, and why should I care?

Every two years, DC voters elect Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners in nonpartisan races on the November ballot. An ANC is a neighborhood council of unpaid, elected representatives who meet monthly and weigh in with the government about issues important to the community. They don't have any legislative power, but they wield a lot of influence on many issues, particularly transportation and development (and liquor licenses).

ANC races are woefully undercovered, and it's often hard to figure out what your local candidate thinks about neighborhood issues. More than 180 candidates for ANC seats in DC filled out Greater Greater Washington's candidate questionnaire this year, explaining their views on everything from housing, to buses and bikes, to local neighborhood controversies. To read more about our elections coverage and process, read here.

GGWash’s 2018 ANC endorsements by ward

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Interactive ANC Voter Guide

You can search for your local candidates and read their responses by using the tool below. Just type in your address!

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