Adopt-a-highway programs engage residents and local businesses in maintaining a section of the highway by picking up litter. GGWash is taking the idea to the blog with our adopt-a-tag program. 

By donating to GGWash, you can help maintain the blog so you and your fellow readers have a reliable place to discuss, debate, and advocate for smart urban and transportation planning and policy and get to see your name on the site in return.

How does it work?

Make a donation (a monthly recurring donation of at least $35/month or a one-time donation of $175). Respond to the follow up email to choose your tag. In the next week or two, see your name on all posts labeled with that tag! Your donation grants you sponsorship of this tag for three months. 

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Where will your name show up?

When you sponsor a tag, your "adopt-a-tag" badge with your name will be included on every post published on the blog under that main tag. The badge will show up above the author bio at the bottom of the post. Something like this: 

Which tags can you adopt?

Almost all the main topics are up for grabs. These are the categories you see in the green box in the top left-hand corner of posts on the homepage, like this "roads" post. 

Some tags are more popular and/or more frequent than others. For example, the "transit" tag got 439,000 views and was the main tag on 176 posts published in 2017. While there were only 13 posts tagged "architecture" and they got 43,000 views.

The more popular and/or frequent the tag, the higher the price tag!

There are a few restrictions. Adopt-a-tag sponsors must be individuals, not companies. Breakfast links and the "About GGWash" tag are off the table. While the politics tag is up for grabs (and there will be a lot of elections-related posts this year!), no person running for office may sponsor the politics tag. 

Here are the available tags

What are you waiting for? 

So which tag do you want to sponsor? Donate today and you'll get an email with your tag options. Adoptions will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Adopt your tag today!

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You can help keep independent, thoughtful, policy-oriented reporting and analysis healthy by supporting us with a monthly, yearly, or one-time contribution.

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