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Greater Greater Washington has a long track record of mobilizing people to take action around transportation and development issues and solutions. Since 2008, GGWash has initiated dozens of digital petitions and encouraged thousands of people to write letters and emails to local officials, testify at hearings, and draw attention to our issues thorough social media and blog posts. Thanks in part to these activities, GGWash has been able to influence decisions that matter to our community, such as: 

Current advocacy issues

Housing: Greater Greater Washington cares about having enough affordable housing for all current and future residents of the Washington region. To us, that means building and preserving more subsidized and market rate affordable housing, and ensuring a greater diversity of homes across the region. 

  • DC Comprehensive Plan - The DC Comprehensive Plan, a planning document that affects development decisions today and during next few decades, doesn’t do enough to encourage and direct growth in an inclusive way. We have worked with a diverse group of organizations to draft a set of amendments that we think make the Comp Plan a stronger, better guide for the city’s growth. In short, we want more homes to meet the housing demand, more affordable homes, and protections against displacement.

Transportation: Greater Greater Washington values the Metro transit system as the backbone of a continually growing region. That means we both support and hold accountable the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and investment in Metro to keep it safe and reliable into the future. 

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